EcoSpheric Ethics

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The collection "Ecospheric Ethics" focuses on eco-centrism, an emerging new way of seeing ourselves on this earth. The motive behind this collection is to remind each one of us that apart from being dependent on our eco-system, we also are responsible Earthlings and not the only beings of the ecosphere. When we say ethics, we mean a complete moral system. This collection is a fine portrayal of the ethical practices adopted by Bhu:sattva right from farming practices to finished product packaging. Bhu: sattva has successfully attempted to bring the artisans back to where they belong to and what they are best at: organic, handmade processing and production! This collection brings us one step closer to embracing the ethic and values of Mother Nature.

The color palette of the collection also reflects the natural essence of ‘earthy‘ shades .The silhouettes of this collection are more of A-lines, structured and slim tailored fit, stylized with surface ornamentation techniques - pin tucks, pleats, running stitch, embroidered running stitch, contrast piping, paneling, coconut shell buttons, overlapping.